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Things to do in St Augustine

When considering travel, especially for the healing qualities of a powerful vacation, looking at locations with fewer people is the key. Unfortunately, not all locations with smaller populations are going to have enough activities or attractions to warrant taking a trip. St Augustine is one of the better places to explore if you have never visited before. There are plenty of things to do in St Augustine. The city is on the water, so let’s start there!

Comforts in St. Augustine

When someone talks Florida, the first two things on many people’s minds are either beach & ocean followed by a great big mouse with his magical castle, or vice-versa. If looking for a great beach, check out, North Beach Park. Beach time! Get some sand in your toes, wade out into the water, enjoy. The most beautiful part about the beach here is the fact that if you wake up early, you can sit on the sand and watch the sun rise over the water. Planning ahead, you might do the same thing but later in the day and catch a full-moon rise over the Atlantic. Both are absolutely worth taking the time to do if you have never done either. Do NOT forget the sunscreen.

Are you intimidated to arrive somewhere you are unfamiliar with? Many people are. But rest easy if you decide to come to St. Augustine. There are tours. So many tours. There is a hop-on and hop-off trolley tour of the city, there are golf cart tours, walking tours and just when you think you’ve had enough, there are even ghost tours. With the amount of tours available to you, you are not going to have trouble figuring out where you are going as you attempt to navigate all the things to do in St Augustine.

Are you a foodie? Being a coastal city, there is a vast amount of fresh seafood at your disposal. Many fine dining and other various establishments are situated around the city for you to explore. Of course, St Augustine is host to all the staples of normal city dining you might expect.  Denny’s or the land of the golden arches are everywhere so no need to talk about those restaurants. But what about those chains that are not in every city. Some have quite a following, here are a few of those comforts, people love:

  • Waffle House 
  • Zaxby’s 
  • Sonic 
  • Sonny’s BBQ 
  • Cracker Barrel 
  • Chili’s 
  • Steak ‘n Shake
    (You’re Welcome Guys!)

Some Other Attractions and Things to Do in St. Augustine

Attractions. What aside from a nice beach and the most awesome foods you can imagine is there to do though? Is there more to Saint Augustine than ghost tours and lighthouses? The city of St Augustine hosts plenty of events throughout the year. There are reenactments of various historical events, there are a number of food and wine festivals, music festivals and of course events that correspond with various holidays and traditions.

Also keep in mind that St Augustine is over 450 years old. There are a number of museums and parks to visit and also get tours. Anastasia State Park, Fort Mose Historic State Park and Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park are just a few to consider visiting.